Solar PV is the next sustainable technology. Beyond initial installation and maintenance, solar energy is one hundred percent free, it is adoptable, customizable, more affordable compared to the atomic and diesel power, realistic for the needs, job creator, protector of eco-systems and livelihoods, becoming cheaper, more accessible and vastly more efficient each minute, due to incentives & subsidies and unlimited advantages.

In India where change and difference regarding supply, demand and price of power can be noted in each state even in the radius of 25 KM. We also acknowledge that there is a notable change in life of those 45 crore Indians and rural Indian households who for 134 years did not enter the economic mainstream and who were not connected with grid. In urban areas, cities and towns in our country are witnessing an important progress in their electricity demand as well dispersal in supply, meaning power cut for hours. In some area power supply is in surplus and in some area power rates are as high as Rs 75 per unit.

Overall, uncertainty and poor conditions of grid power supply as well as connectivity are the most irritating issues. This is where solar PV can be most advantageous.
In business you need a bottom line assessment of potential impact of market conditions on the achievements of your entrepreneurship and your reward of Investment. The situation and circumstances that prevail today can change; you will also a need a clear picture of the solar landscape.
What will be the impact of market forces and business climate on your business?
The question of how a business takes shape of a viable and profitable venture?
You need answers to many questions, solution and services. We are also catering advisory / consultancy services for solar PV investors or businesses or SMEs or Public sector or corporates addressing many related issues and scopes for any location in India; some of them are shown in below figure:

The financial benefits of solar power present an interesting opportunity for the savvy investor looking to diversify his/her portfolio or end use.




Solar will make sense for you financially if investing. The two main ways to invest/acquire your solar power system(s):

  • Solar system purchase
  • Solar as a service

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