Solar Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)

BIPV systems integrates PV module into building as transparent roof to achieve the perfect goal both for beautiful building and solar power station. BIPV frame has been developed as a universal PV module mounting system for various building installations with water proof function. The innovative and patented aluminum rails, UV (ultra –violet radiation) resistant EPDM (ethylene propylene dine monomer (M-class) rubber), and rubber clamp make the perfect function for water proofing fixed mostly south side.

BIPV can be boldly integrated into the building envelope used in a variety of building applications, including roofing, facade, and glazing. Which appeals to architects, designers, builders and property owners? BIPV enabling technologies include crystalline silicon (PV), also known as solar grade silicon; thin film (PV).

Solar PV materials that are used to replace conventional building materials in parts of the building or home such as the roof, skylights or face or balcony to a greater extent being incorporated into the construction of new buildings as a principal or supplementary source of electrical power, although existing buildings may be redrafted or recreated or renovated with similar technology.

The advantage of integrated photovoltaic over more common non-integrated systems is that the initial cost can be offset by reducing the amount spent on building materials and labor that would normally be used to construct the part of the building that the BIPV modules replace. These advantages make BIPV one of the fastest growing segments of the photovoltaic industry.

BIPV is a new concept in India, but market is projected to see considerable growth in the next two to four years. BIPV materials have the potential to contribute to zero energy buildings that function as auxiliary power plants, complementing the utility grid to help supply all or most of their own electrical needs, with excess energy sold back into the grid.

SSI BIPV solar modules are both a power generator and an aesthetic and artistic sunshade in one architecturally classy package. With the flexibility to specify the desired size, solar cell type and transparency.

Our BIPV system allows a high degree of light transmission making it suitable for use as a window roof cladding. Our creative work is a big vale addition in the overall value of the property. Homes with PV systems sell for a premium over comparable homes without PV systems, according to a study of home sales in California from 2000-2010 by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. On average, solar PV added about $5.50 per watt to the home’s resale value.

SSI also offers standard and customized BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) glazing systems for solar shade canopy, trellis, walkway cover, parking cover, transit roof cover, vestibule or virtually any project with integrated solar panels. The great part of BIPV is that, it can be installed by traditional contractors just like a traditional rooftop. It reduces time of construction, which reduces labor costs, and it doesn’t require any separate solar installation. We believe that for solar to continue to grow and become prevailing in every sector so, installations need to become both better looking and less labor intensive to install.

Our BIPV will not only generate power, but also reduce energy consumption.SSI experienced is privy, we are ready to help design and engineer an energy producing solar panel system for most any architectural application. For more information or help with details or specification, please visit our contact page.

The financial benefits of solar power present an interesting opportunity for the savvy investor looking to diversify his/her portfolio or end use.




Solar will make sense for you financially if investing. The two main ways to invest/acquire your solar power system(s):

  • Solar system purchase
  • Solar as a service

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