When I was 14 I visited Samalkha Mandi (Market) from my village, I saw loads of potential in Red chili & Khand (Handmade Sugar) in the Mandi. I decided to start my first business and started export of Red chili to Kirna Mandi (UP) and Import of Khand (Sugar) from UP to Samalkha.

After my completion of B.Com from Panipat, I started my LLB studies. Meanwhile, I was not satisfied with studies that I had done and was pursuing; I visited Bombay (Mumbai) in the hope of becoming a factor in film Industries. But after a span of three months and a long four hour meeting with Miss Asha Chandra Ji (a trainer) ,even I cleared my screen test but I was not satisfied with the way of life there. I came back to Panipat and started my Handloom factory with six Handlooms & Power looms. I traveled all over India and almost the whole globe to sell my Products.

During my visit in early 2002 to US and Canada I saw news in news paper that one company (I think First Solar) started production of power from the sun light. In 2005 I again saw news about the same company which peaked at 25 MW capacity of free power from Sun at the US and Canadian border.

I thought seriously about solar and also saw some large scale plants in US and Canada. I again saw the flood of solar Panels and started solar business. But in India it is very difficult to start and establish a new business, I faced same problem as I faced in my first business of Chili and secondly in textiles, as India was a zero factor market in 80’s for Home furnishings too.

Till 2009, Indian solar Industries were not so big, but news from the entire world including US, Canada and Europe was surprising & inspiring.
In September 2009, this edition of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC JOURNAL inspired and made me a solar fanatic. I became a solar campaigner after this Journal, as to 2005, when I visited many solar power plants in US and Canada and thought about the solar PV business then I at last started it in 2006.

In India solar is experiencing high speed growth. In April, 2012, India switched its second largest solar PV power plant in the worls in Gujarat unexpectedly!!!!

I am very happy to see this growth in last seven years in India and worldwide.
The Power source i.e. the sun is absolutely free for everyone. Even though, it still amounts to some, 20,000 times more power than that is presently consumed by the entire World's Industrial facilities and heating plants. Globally or in India, Solar energy makes perfect sense as the solar radiance and other meteorological conditions mention that we don’t have the grid infrastructure in some areas where sun rays are not available or is mostly available every 5 days.

Solar power program is in favor for those people; who cannot afford or maintain new green sustainable technologies and position at the lowest status in our social/economic framework. Near 45 crore Indians, rural households who will never be able to enter the economic mainstream, will get help to enhance productivity, conditions of life, energy security as well as ecological security and lay down a path to a low-carbon future.

The Ministry of New Renewable Energy (MNRE) is implementing the ‘Remote Village Electrification Program’ (RVEP) to electrify such remote villages by installing solar photovoltaic (SPV) home lighting systems all over the states. Central + State Government Financial Assistance for SPV systems is available 80% to 90 in many states

Solar PV is a genuine energy generating technology. As time goes by, it would turn into a more and more of a profitable business. The future of renewable solar PV energy in India is limitless. India’s leadership in the clean energy program is scaling new heights, with the support and facilitation of economic & legal policies.
The financial benefits of solar power present an interesting opportunity for the savvy investor looking to diversify his/her portfolio or end use.




Solar will make sense for you financially if investing. The two main ways to invest/acquire your solar power system(s):

  • Solar system purchase
  • Solar as a service

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