Solar energy can be used in homes, businesses, and industry as well as many different areas doing different type of economic activities.

Solar PV power is the next BIG BOOM in sustainable technology/energy which will be used for generating light, which is powered by the sun and beyond initial installation and maintenance, solar energy is one hundred percent free, it is adoptable, customizable, more economical compare to the atomic and diesel power, realistic for the needs, job creator, protector of eco-systems and livelihoods, becoming cheaper, more accessible, and vastly more efficient each week, incentives & subsidies and due to countless advantages.

With our customers solar PV power projects; we deliberate, we analyze, we recommend, we attest; we execute and support them from the beginning till the end, whether it's a rural project or diminutive or a humongous roof surface in addition to the free-fields.

Our integrated services are designed for minimum risk and maximum profitability of a project by implementing: discussions on updates and policies adopted by top PV solar power generation projects in India and all around the world which are making profits.

We work closely with our global partners to exchange knowledge and best practices in order to accelerate the adoption of solar PV technology all around the world.

SSI plans and builds all solar PV power plants on-time and on-budget.

The 'Scope of services' is not limited for listed areas or plans; we also have expertise in implementing customized development strategies and solutions for different market segments. After understanding our customers' off-grid or on-grid requirements we focus on our customers, other requirements and needs.

We ensure that all the plants perform soundly and keep supervision on exceeding forecast outputs and returns. We additionally offer some services in the areas listed below:

  • Off Grid / On Grid.
  • Rural Electrification
  • Residential.
  • Commercial.
  • Industrial.
  • Hospitals.
  • Government.
  • Agricultural.
  • Institutional.
  • Petrol Pumps.
  • Construction.

We at Son-Sol (India) cover a complete range of solar PV power project services for a solar PV power plant investor. Our service delivery mode is divided in THREE steps defined as under:

  • 1st Step:
    • Consultancy Services:
        Main purpose for this proposal is to provide a course to the client to change aspirations of solar PV business into existence in a solar PV business.
        In order to come into any commercial transaction mode and to start interaction with a client to consume our services and as a first mark, he/she will provide basic information by sending an assessment form by downloading it from our web site or we will send this form with our introductory e-mail. After they admit the form and assessment we will provide basic information of the business and models by e-mail after receiving e-mail, client can discuss on phone, if our expert feel then he can fix a consulting meet with the client these initiating services are free of charge.

        Our free consultancy services include the discussion about:
        • Solar business history worldwide and in India
        • Solar business scenario in India as on date
        • Solar PV history
        • Why solar PV
        • Detail about different model of business
        • Investment and returns
        • Our services, fee & mode of delivery
        After initiating services and in order to come to our 2nd step or decision- making phase, if client is prepared to invest and come forward with an order to have more detail or advantages of our home work, research, creation, backbreaking work by applying many rule of thumb, bottom lines and tools of accuracy and carefulness.
        After paying an initial amount client can survey or assess that how a business takes shape of a viable or profitable venture to attain gains of our knowledge bank. We analyze with a firm foot on the ground during our one and a half year long research, around states in India such as; (Assam, Bihar, UP, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan) in order to understand and assess the available opportunities for a solar PV Investor.

        After receiving our fixed amount of consultancy fee (First Payment) i.e. (non refundable in any circumstances). Our experts will give counseling and presentation sessions (not on paper) for any one of our plan or model of business picked by the client during our initiating services (Free Services).

        Our paid consultancy services paid consultancy services:
        • The scope of solar business in any One state of India from any one Of our plans or model of business!
        • Rules & regulations!
        • Details about schemes & government policies!
        • Financial process & investments!
        • Process of business penetration & execution!
        • HR requirements!
        • How to access possible returns on investments?
        • Speculative time for projects!
        • Reply to any ten questions necessary for decision making process regarding any one of our plans or model of business!
  • 2nd Step:
    After our paid consultancy services if client is satisfied and ready for investment he/she can jump directly to the 3rd step to start business for any model or for all the models as per client's investment capabilities.


    If the client requires more detailed information on paper, about the same Model he/she was interested and for which he/she has already paid charges for our consultancy services (First Payment) then:
    He /she can order for a detailed information on paper for the same model by paying our consultancy fee (Second Payment) i.e. (non refundable in any circumstances).This will be a pre fixed amount (As per scope of work or order).

    Our paid consultancy services for detailed information on paper include details about:
    • Opportunities in a model!
    • Business model on paper!
    • Scaling points or scope for success in a model!
    • Product details!
    • Example, Case history of the businesses which are in profit!
    • Recommendations!
  • 3rd Step:
    In order to start a business of Solar PV a client can order for any/all services from our services list or can directly start a solar PV business by placing a request to SSI for Techno-Commercial Proposal (TCP) for:
  • 4th Step:
    After an order of proceedings with advance money from our clients we will finalize the execution of legal documents and will initiate our work as per our working roadmap:
    Our working roadmap is divided into four phases:
    • First phase = Decision-making.
    • Second phase = Engineering and Contract award.
    • Third phase = Execution.
    • Fourth phase = Operation.
(For details of our working roadmap phases please visit our services page)




Solar will make sense for you financially if investing. The two main ways to invest/acquire your solar power system(s):

  • Solar system purchase
  • Solar as a service

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