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Through workshops, consulting, and speaking engagements, SSI shares technical knowledge experiences and lessons learned from the field of solar PV. Our last training session was on 20, March, 2013 at Faridabad. Thank you everybody who participated and helped make it a success.

We are planning second 8 weeks full day trading program / course in coming month on solar PV. This Program is ideal for Junior and Middle Level Managers / Executives of Solar Equipment Manufacturers, Developers, EPC Contractors, Regulators, Consultants, Academic institutions, Central/State Sector Solar Organizations etc. Nominations shall be preferred in respect of candidates sponsored by their employer organization, however individuals can also apply.

There are 25 seats available in this course. Early nominations are suggested. Brief details of venue, schedule of the program we will be send on request. This is the second training program of its kind being organized in the country. Optional Lodging and Boarding facilities may be provided to the participants subject to availability.

Workshop with technical materials detail, presentation slides, photos from actual project sites, case history on solar applications will be the core area the of workshop. It is important as solar PV systems and technologies should be in knowledge and discussion for the community development that can adopt the solar power for the greener tomorrow, this is a last mission of our organization. Workshop for rural off-grid, unban roof-top and BIPV systems each for two days is also in planning, please get in touch with us for registration.

A U R O R A (A route to new energy economy)

‘India lives in its villages.’ – Mahatma Gandhi ji

Five years ago, in India an estimate of a four hundred million population lived in rudimentary conditions. People used low-quality kerosene lamps which polluted the air, and also provided them with dim-light. A, further 100m homes were nominally connected to the grid but had alternate power at times when it was not required.
The backwardness of these rural areas has gathered attention of not only the planners, but also from those who are interested in all-round development of India.
This program is in favor for those people; who cannot afford or maintain new green sustainable technologies and position at the lowest status in our social/economic framework. Near 45 caror Indians, rural households who will never be able to enter the economic mainstream, this drive will help them to enhance productivity, conditions of life, energy security as well as ecological security and button down the path to a low-carbon future.

This pursuit is to attain profit. Our team structures a plan in order to execute this program, with the assistance of our active tools and commands, as to destroy the fictitious story ‘that the social ventures are not commercially viable or profitable’.
Therefore, our company believes in solar energy and dreams of a luminous rural India.
Our mission is to materialize new endeavors in the rural part of India by installing solar PV systems in those villages that still live in the 'Dark Age' through our cultivated program "A U R O R A".

Meaning of AURORA as per dictionary is as under:

"A radiant emission from the upper atmosphere that occurs sporadicallyover the middle and high latitudes of both hemispheresin the form of luminous bands, streamers, orthe like, caused by the bombardment of the atmosphere with charged solar particles that are beingguided along the earth's magnetic lines of force"

Meaning of AURORA for SSI is as under:

AURORA= (Akshay Ujala ek ousar hai, jiskay rang se logon ka andhkar dur karna hai)

(Sunlight >> Akshay=Durable >> Ujala=Light >> Rang=Influence >> Ousar=Opportunity >> Andhkar=Gloom)


"By using sun light, as it is a durable source of light, gives us an opportunity to remove, away the darkness from people's lives."
-- SUN-SOL (India) --

We are serving our country India by our own means. We are developing more and more solar PV power projects. SUN-SOL (India) has divided its plans into four MODELS under A U R O R A program. These two MODELS are formulated in order to provide the right solutions for each and every type of need with flexibility of investment for our customers or for an investor. Model No. 1-2 are for the rural areas, to install solar PV systems for off-grid SHS, Mini-grid, Micro-grid and roof-tops or Solar Power Plant without Battery (100 KWh to 500KWh), covering the demand of every type of costumer in any part of India.

Be involved in our A U R O R A program for the future of our next generation and greener India as solar energy can work for all rich, poor, rural towns, cities a long list. OFF-GRID RURAL




Solar will make sense for you financially if investing. The two main ways to invest/acquire your solar power system(s):

  • Solar system purchase
  • Solar as a service

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